From hundreds of illustrations, plus bits of text, I plan to complete that Greenland fellow’s Scrapbook Earth – his story of Earth and life and us, from birth of Earth to now, to his end.

I plan to complete it as an ebook. As a sponsor you can receive copies, as gifts for you and others. And appear in the list of sponsors in every copy.

I also plan to create pre-publication samples of the book in other formats: video snippets, and the whole book in colored print. As a sponsor, you can receive these too – personalized for you.

Please spread awareness of this project – its telling of our beautiful story, and of a future we should not risk.

Our story, so far

His illustrations of our history inspire me. His sketch at left below reminds me that way back in our hunter-gatherer times, we created beautiful art in caves. The other makes me imagine our early use of the experimental method perfecting design for our invention of the wheel.



But even more, I love the full sequence of all the illustrations, depicting the wonderful sweep of our story from birth of Earth to now. I hope you see and like them too.

Our science, our warning

On the matter of risk for our future, the story is balanced and nonpartisan. Regarding the science, it illustrates essential things we know about how our CO2 could trigger terrible changes – and also emphasizes the uncertainties about how bad the effects may be. This knowledge and uncertainty reveal one conclusion so terrible it dominates all else, and demands our highest-priority attention:



Something is missing

Way back in the late 1980s, Dr. Hansen from NASA warned our Senators that from our emissions of carbon dioxide, CO2, warming of Earth had begun and threatens terrible future effects. I began studying the subject, sketching illustrations to clarify it for myself and friends.

In the quarter century since, there’s been tremendous growth in our scientific study and knowledge of this subject, revealing risk of horrible future effects on humankind, and vast amounts of public reporting of the subject and danger. Surveys show that most of us are now aware that our CO2 can cause warming of Earth and climate change. It appeared to me there’s no need for my illustrations.

Yet recent surveys show that on lists of public concerns, our ranking of climate change is very low, and declining. We elect leaders who rank it equally low or lower. We are still increasing risk for the future of humankind in the same way that Hansen warned about and I sketched a quarter century ago:



Why? We don’t want to risk the world of our children’s children. And yet we are.

The problem is that in all that the scientists and environmentalists report to us, we are failing to see and focus on what we are risking.

It is wonderful that we have all this research and reporting on coral under the South Pacific, sizes of icebergs for polar bears, thawing of Siberian tundra, centimeters of beach erosion… But we need more emphasis and clarity as to what it all means.

And the most important thing it means is that we are risking devastation of the future for humankind.

That’s exactly what Scrapbook Earth illustrates.

Ebook, printed book, video – and you

But my plans for Scrapbook Earth are not enough. We need you — to sponsor Scrapbook Earth, attract more sponsors, and spread our story and warning.

For sponsorship, I’m offering these rewards:

Ebook, plus – Gifting the Scrapbook Earth ebook to you. To others you identify. Your name as a sponsor in every copy of the ebook.

Color printed bookpersonalized, with you identified as its sponsor, and you included in the story, in a noble role. One copy for you, more for you to give to others.

Video snippets – Very short video excerpts. Choose from a list. Have it personalized. Use it to spread the Scrapbook Earth story and warning.

Please become a sponsor. And please embed the video above everywhere you can on the Web — to attract more sponsors, to spread awareness of the Scrapbook Earth story and warning. We must do as much as we can to reduce the horrors we are risking for our children, their children…

Scrapbook Earth will be launched soon. To be notified when it launches, send an email to

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